World's first colloidal volcanic minerals with bio-available collagen for stress support
Can help maintain normal gastrointestinal function in horses
Suitable for use during change stable, change of feed or hard work


50mL per 500kg horse weight.
Paste pre-feed morning and evening for 10-20 days then reduce to 25mL once a day or maintain daily with Tuffrock EJF or Tuffrock C+
If too thick add a teaspoon of warm water


100% natural 3 and 2 dimensional volcanic tuff including:
Calcium (Ca) 1.55%, Iron (Fe) 0.7%, Magnesium (Mg) 0.23%, Potassium (K) 0.14%, Phosphorus (P) 0.03%, Sodium (Na) 0.60%, Copper (Cu) 3mg/kg, Manganese (Mn) 282mg/kg, Sulphur (S) 0.01%, Zinc (Zn) 33mg/kg

TuffRock Gastro-Intestinal Liquid

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Option 1
  • Why? Nominal pH 7.9 = alkaline + bio-available collagen nutrients for stomach linings. May need daily maintenance of 25 ml GI or 20 ml Conditioner Plus (Nominal pH 7.7).B.  Gut Stress (Colic or founder type symptoms)50ml x 2 in 12 hours, may need additional 30 ml pre-feed for 30 days.Why? To help maintain normal acetic acid.. Generally regarded, imbalances lead to hind gut fermentation (pre-cursor to colic).C.  Gut Calm50 ml as required, max 200 ml over 24 hours.Why? A + B = C.TuffRock GI … recommended for dirt-eating horses.TuffRock GI … can help horses gut get ready for the Equine Joint Formulae or Conditioner Plus. ..

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