Replaces more of what is actually lost in sweat.
Inadequate electrolyte replacement after sweat loss leads to dehydration, lethargy, reduced water intake and muscle weakness in performance. It is also a major cause of tying up (Equine rhabdomyolysis).
SedaLYTE is an advanced electrolyte replacer specifically designed to help prevent such performance losses from occurring. It has been formulated after extensive research to determine the actual composition of sweat and this research has led to the higher electrolyte levels found in SedaLYTE (Potassium, Sodium, Magnesium and Chloride). This also means that SedaLYTE contains more of what is actually lost in sweat and less of other compounds not important with regards to sweat loss.
It is because SedaLYTE's balanced formulation more closely mimics the actual composition of a horse's sweat that it is so effective at helping to prevent poor performance due to sweat loss.

Sedalyte 2.5kg

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