High Performance Horses, Endurance Horses, Show Preparation, Yearling Sales, Horses prone to tying up, Poor Doers, Horse with stomach ulcers, Horses that cannot tolerate high grain diets


Rice Bran Oil 5L

  • Rice Bran Oil has become a quite sought after product not only for its high-energy value and essential fatty acid content, but also as Rice Bran Oil is one of the few natural sources of gamma-oryzanol and ferulic acid.

    Research in horses showed the gamma oryzanol group had improved muscle to fat ratio, with better muscle definition in the rump, neck and over the withers. The horses supplemented with gamma oryzanol also maintained appetite better than the control group.

    What Type of Horses will Benefit From Being Fed Rice Bran Oil?

    High Performance Horses
    Endurance Horses
    Show Preparation
    Yearling Sales
    Horses prone to tying up
    Poor Doers
    Horse with stomach ulcers
    Horses that cannot tolerate high grain diets

    (2ltr pictured)

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