Gastro-Coat is not a drug like Omeprazole. Many horse owners have found it very effective for healing, preventing and treating gastric irritation and acid burn that causes ulcers. Gastro-Coat provides a protective layer between the stomach acids and the stomach wall when used correctly. Omeprazole is effective for gastric ulcers, but recent studies have shown that in horses, long term use may decalcify bones and cause brittleness or fractures. Gastro-Coat is safe to use long term for horses susceptible to gastric irritation and ulcers. Gastro-Coat has a similar consistency to sticky 'saliva', which naturally adheres to the upper stomach and intestinal wall and is resistant to acid digestion. Gastro Coatprovides a source of natural mucilage and sticky gum-like compounds which are low in grain and protein meal based diets. Natural mucilages are especially low in processed feeds where the heat of steam-rolling, micronisation and extrusion damages these compounds which assist chewing and saliva in its action to maintain normal digestive function as a horse exercises, travels or when waiting to race or compete. This can lead to symptoms of poor appetite and 'picky eating' after exercise or competition. Many horses also develop unsettled behaviour due to this discomfort if they do not have access to feed containing adequate mucilage compounds.

Does not contravene rules of racing/competition

GASTRO COAT - Kohnke's Own

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