When a horse is injured in the hock region, bruising and flaring muscles is the first sign of reaction which is why immediately using cold compressed therapy is critical as this reduces and prevents furter damage to muscle tissue. Using the EquineCool cold compression therapy by using the boots you will effectively slow down bruising and prevent the muscle tissue from flaring out.

The Hock Wraps are also made with a soft durable material, which is a tough compressed foam that is soft, stretchable and water resistant. The Hock Wrap with Cold Compress shaping conforms to the horse's hock for maximum coverage and keeps the cold compressed ice pack against the area being treated. Velcro straps allow for a secure tight fit every time and are easy to release. The Hock Wraps can be applied to horses and ponies as it is adjustable due to the Velcro straps and the material is easily washable.

Equine Cool Hock Pair

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