Total system support for the competitive sporthorse in 100% organic form. 7 supplements in 1 and at a price not much more than what you might be paying for magnesium on its own! 1 - Important macro and trace minerals (for NZ) 2 - Magnesium proteinate - the highest quality magnesium. Higher quality and more effective than magnesium aspartate. 3 - Bio Chrome - Muscle Building 4 - Organic Selenium (a Selenium free version of Compete is available) 5 - Pro-Biotics - to improve hind gut fermentation & feed ultilisation. 6 - Bio Sponge - absorbs pathogens 7 - Muscle function and recovery support. Customers are consistantly telling us that mud fever, rain scald, warts and other oportunistic infections disappear in the first 1-2 months of using Compete. Sometimes very bad mud fever takes 2 months. We have even had reports of Sarcoids getting smaller or disappearing! COMPETE contains a full spectrum of relevant Bio Plex® organic minerals including Chromium, Magnesium and Sel-Plex®. 1.5kg

Elite Equine Compete SF 1.5kg

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