cas zebra print Buzz-Off fly rug with full combo neck. Dress our horses up like zebras this summer and keep them fly free, really?!

Yes it’s true. Following trials in Hungary and Sweden, researchers have discovered that horse flies hate stripes, which is the reason behind Bucas’ latest fly rug design. To experiment, pallets containing vegetable oil were painted differently, either all black, all white or with black and white stripes. These pallets were then placed in a fly-infested fleild and results showed that there were far more flies in the black painted pallets, fewer in the white but the fewest flies of all were found in the pallets painted with black and white stripes. Afterwards, researchers carried out a similar trial on model horses covered in glue. At the end of 59 days, the black horse had caught 562 flies, the brown one 334, the white one 22 and the zebra patterned horse had just 8! 

1 in stock - 135cm

Bucas Buzz-Off

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